Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Your Sweetbread Different From Other Sweetbread?

The reason our sweetbread is so much different is very simple actually. First of all, the recipe was created by our grandmother over 45 years ago in a tiny little town in Sao Miguel, Azores. It was then perfected based on the entire town (yes, this business was actually started in on an island in a tiny little town!)

The reason this makes it different is because unlike other sweetbread recipe – ours is “un-Americanized” as we like to call it. For example we don’t add any artificial preservatives, only the tiny amount found naturally in the specific butter we must use to bake the bread to perfection and keep it so fluffy and light. We’ve tried other butters but it simply doesn’t come out the same.

And the last reason ours is so different is because it’s our grandmother’s recipe. To give you a good analogy, it’s basically like the difference between a nice home-cooked meal and eating the same food at a local diner. It’s just not the same! This recipe has been the exact same since our grandmother first perfected it…and will never change! Now you can say the sweetbread you eat is “just like grandma made it” – because it is!

How Fast Will Your Sweetbread Be Delivered To My House?

On average, within 4-5 days of the day you order. Once we see the order we have to bake the bread, then we ship immediately. We can’t guarantee a specific time period because sometimes the mail takes an extra day or 2 depending on how far you are from our store, but you will normally be slicing our delicate sweet and raving/bragging to all your friends about how amazing our sweetbread is. In fact, a lot of our customers actually have friends over JUST to try the sweetbread – that’s how much they love it!


All our award-winning recipes have been perfected over the past 45+ years, originating from our grandmothers recipe in 1963 on the tiny island of Sao Miguel in the Azores of Portugal!