Story Of Sweetbread

What If This Sweetbread Could Talk?

If this Portuguese sweetbread could talk, no doubt it would tell you about the moment it was first perfected in 1963 on the island of “São Miguel” (that’s St. Michael for Americans) in the Azores of Portugal.

And it would tell you how, when it first began its life as a loaf of sweetbread, it was passed around the village to each and every neighbor for them to taste-test… each time getting closer and closer to the final perfected secret balance of specific portions of eggs, milk and butter.

It would describe the many early breakfasts of being perfectly sliced into mouth-watering French toast and drizzled with butter and syrup. It would tell you about the rowdy conversations it overheard while being eaten by the islanders of São Miguel over a fresh cup of coffee.

And finally, it would tell you all about the magnificent journey it had from the lush green mountains of the island of São Miguel, across the treacherous Atlantic Ocean and finally to the quiet town of Fall River, Massachusetts where the original recipe still stands and has never been changed – over 45 years later!

Ahhh yes, that sweetbread could tell a good story or two. And I think it would be most proud of the fact that this delicate, softer-than-air Portuguese sweetbread still contains no added preservatives…only the dismal amount naturally found in the “secret” butter required to make the sweetbread so soft it melts in your mouth like a piece of chocolate.

Well, either that or the fact that our sweetbread has gotten 2 different awards for tasting so scrumptious.

  1. Best local Portuguese Sweetbread for 3 years in a row
  2. Best local cultural food

(But be warned: Our sweetbread is a selfish little bugger and will talk your ear off if you ask it about the awards it’s received!)

In any case, you must check out our specialty sweetbread. Since 1963 when it was first made, our sweetbread has been the lifeblood of our bakery and continues to be the most popular and delicious product we carry.

And it doesn’t matter what type of sweetbread you purchase either. Maybe you want to surprise your family with breakfast-in-bed and the best French toast they’ve ever had. If so, you’d want to get the Portuguese Sweetbread Loaf

Or maybe you’d choose the sweetbread rolls instead. Imagine biting into the softest, most fresh sweetbread you’ve ever tasted instead of the boring old white bread you’re most likely used to when making sandwiches.

Trust me…you’ll never go back to white bread again!

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to relax with some friends with a coffee and an English muffin (or simply have a muffin for breakfast in the morning). If so, our sweetbread muffins will blow your taste buds away and have them screaming for more.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s what our loyal customers are saying:

“Guys…I love my bread, but I honestly have a hard time eating any kind of ‘regular’ bread (i.e. white bread) after sinking my teeth into your sweetbread. I like to lather it up with a little butter, cinnamon and sugar and dive right in. This stuff is so good my fiancée and I actually fought over the last piece!”’

-Jeremy Reeves
West Pittston, PA

“It’s the best sweet bread around by far”

-David P.
Fall River, MA

“Amaral’s Bakery is THE BEST sweetbread I have ever had in my life!! It is so sweet and moist and perfect!! It is like a little piece of Heaven in your mouth. The people who make it are people of God also. I think because they are such great people, it makes the sweetbread so heavenly!! AMEN!”

-Omama M.
Providence, RI

“Amaral’s sweetbread is so delicious that you need no dressing when making a sandwich. I’d recommend it to everyone!”

-Tammy B.
Boston, MA

“You can taste the love baked into the bread. Fresh and delicious simplicity at its best.”

-Kimberly D.
Boston, MA

“Amaral’s sweet bread is the best sweet bread I’ve ever tasted….so soft and moist…the English muffins are great with peanut butter as well! Want something different, want something sweet? Get Amaral’s sweet bread!!”

-David Lindahl
Rockland, MA

“It is sooooo good! How sweet it is!”

-Pat O.
Tiverton, RI

So do yourself a favor.

Head on over to our product page where you’ll see all the different sizes, shapes and different types of sweetbread and other products we carry.

Just make sure you have a napkin nearby to clean up the drool!


All our award-winning recipes have been perfected over the past 45+ years, originating from our grandmothers recipe in 1963 on the tiny island of Sao Miguel in the Azores of Portugal!